Join a different and inspiring guided half-day experience in the Sami Jåhkåmåhkke / Jokkmokk with the focus on design and shopping. With the Sami entrepreneurs, you will learn about everything from the traditional gathering to modern thinking. The day begins at Sámi Duodji Sámi Handicraft Foundation, where you will learn more about the Sami craftsmanship as well as try or personal meeting of craftsmen. Your guide then goes to the Sami design store Stoorstålka where you will meet any of the owners Piera Niilá Stålka and Idja Lotta Stoor. After the visit you will continue to glass artist Lenasj, Lena Sandberg Johansson. She welcomes you to her studio and shop. The last stop is at Maria Klang in a homely environment. Here you are invited to the fries inspired by the Arctic Sami food culture, based on what the season can offer. Everything is produced by own catch or near-produced and made on a small scale with own recipes.

Stay at Hotel Akerlund in Jokkmokk, take advantage of the local range of activities. Here you will find beautiful scenery, activities and exciting local shopping.

Jokkmokk has a Sami heritage we care about and gladly inform and show up for visitors. At Ájtte Museum, the Sami story tells, but also the history of the settlers, how it was living and living in the villages north of the circle of poles. In the small community there are small and unique stores with such as Stoorstålka, Sisters Viltok, Lappkassen and many more. Since 1606, Jokkmokk’s market has been celebrated annually on the first Thursday in February.

Jokkmokk also has a particularly beautiful arctic nature, with places like the Rapadalen and Pärlälven, showing the Arctic nature from its best side. For those who want to wander in the mountains there are many nice options and have not walked before, we recommend the Kvikkjokks and Saltoluokta area which show spectacular views. For the more experienced hiker, the National Parks Sarek and Bádjelándda invite a memorial to life.

As a complement to our beautiful nature and our rich Sami culture, there are several locally produced products. Here are local crafts and locally produced foods such as. dried reindeer meat, berries and herbs.